Alexander Vittouris' model bamboo bike on display at Questacon

Questacon exhibits model bamboo bike by MSLE research student Alexander Vittouris

Ever dreamed of having your work put on display for hundreds of thousands of people to see? Well, Melbourne School of Land and Environment research student Alexander Vittouris has proved it's possible! His concept model of a bamboo Ajiro bicycle is on display at Questacon in Canberra, Australia's national interactive science centre. Alexander is a PhD candidate at the Department of Forest and Ecosystem Science. Click the button below to watch the video.
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Master of Agricultural Sciences

Apply now for the new Master of Agricultural Sciences degree starting Semester 1, 2015!

The Master of Agricultural Sciences degree has been specifically structured to give a range of options for students who wish to prepare for jobs and careers in agriculture. There are four major specialisations to choose from: Animal Science, Agribusiness, Crop Production and Food Security. Students will be prepared for jobs in the public, private or not for profit sectors. The University of Melbourne is now accepting applications for Semester 1, 2015.
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Cow in Dookie robotic dairy

State-of-the-Art Dookie Robotic Dairy launched

The University of Melbourne, in partnership with Regional Development Victoria, launched the state-of-the-art upgraded Dookie Robotic Dairy facility on Friday 23 May 2014. The improvements are part of a $5 million investment in Dookie’s farm, ensuring the greater Dookie campus remains the leading agricultural educational facility in Victoria. The ultra-modern facility comprises robotic milking capabilites, milking shed and feeding systems with capacity for 180 cows. The new shed has been draped with solar panels to produce 30 kilowatts of electricity, about half the three-stall robot's needs.
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