Australia’s largest teaching, research and development department dedicated to forests, forest products and forested landscapes, the Department of Forest and Ecosystem Science (DFES) comprises more than 50 scientists working from the molecular to the ecosystem level.

In 1910 demand for locally trained experts with an understanding of Australian conditions shaped the development of a school of forest studies at Creswick. Over the past century, issues covered by forest and ecosystem sciences have evolved and are still at the forefront of public debate and societal relevance.

We are tackling some of the planet’s most pressing issues:
Climate change mitigation; Carbon accounting: Bushfire science; Water quality; Ecosystem services; Biodiversity; Biosecurity; Tree genomics; Renewable resources; Biomass energy; Sustainable forest management and forest operations; Environmentally friendly wood products and much, much more.

Our researchers collaborate with experts from universities, forest and land management organisations across Australia and around the world. We have a strong research partnership with the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment and are a formal partner in the Australian Cooperative Research Centres for Bushfire and Forestry.

To gain maximum benefit from our excellent laboratory resources, field stations and vital researcher collaborations DFES staff are located across three university campuses although Creswick remains our spiritual home.

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Our research in the many aspects of productive, healthy forests and ecosystems informs our teaching to provide you with the opportunity to enhance your professional knowledge and experience through our honours, graduate coursework and research programs.

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